Chronography of selected events in King Fahd's life
Chronography of selected events in King Fahd's life
This section of the resource is not an attempt to present a record of every event in King Fahd's public life. It is not even a complete record of all his major initiatives. But it is a powerful indicator of King Fahd's priorities in leading the Kingdom. Political and diplomatic initiatives to find peace with justice vie with humanitarian action to relieve suffering, whether at a national or a personal level.

It is clear from the record that, despite the onerous duties that fall upon any benevolent leader of a nation, King Fahd has always been able to relate to individuals. His concern that every Saudi citizen should feel part of the Kingdom's development, contributing to it and benefiting from it, is evident. His belief that we are responsible not only for our own families and for our own people but also for the wider community of nations and all those who live within it shines through on every page.

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