News Releases 1st January 1997 to 3rd August 1998
News Releases 1st January 1997 to 3rd August 1998
01/1997Gold Medal for Saudi Arabian Agriculture
17Nov1997King Fahd receives U.S. Secretary of State Albright
03Dec1997King Fahd mediates between Egypt and Qatar
08Dec1997King Fahd calls for Islamic unity
16Feb1998King Fahd comments on current Middle East crisis
11Mar1998King Fahd Chair of Islamic Studies, London
22Apr1998King Fahd's meeting with the British Prime Minister
22Apr1998King Fahd's comments on this year's Hajj
11May1998Middle East peace process
11May1998King Fahd re-emphasizes determination to ascertain needs of all citizens
15May1998King Fahd Dam in Bisha Valley inaugurated
18May1998King Fahd expresses profound concern at India's nuclear test
20May1998King Fahd receives GCC Secretary-General
01Jun1998King Fahd calls on India and Pakistan to show restraint
08Jun1998King Fahd urges Eritrea and Ethiopia to settle their dispute peacefully
08Jun1998Saudi cabinet condemns Serbian brutality to Muslims
29Jun1998King Fahd addresses the Majlis Al-Shoura
13Jul1998King Fahd welcomes U.N. decision to accept Palestinian representation
17Jul1998Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd to open new King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles
31Jul1998HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd opens Edinburgh Mosque and Islamic Center
03Aug1998King Fahd in good health after minor procedure