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Computer Repairs

Using the SCP Computers computer repair service you can be sure your computer will be repaired professionally and at an affordable cost. If we don't repair your computer or fix the the problem we don't charge you.

Computers are made up of several components, some of which have a certain life span. The most common components to fail are :

  • Power Supply Units (PSU), the part you plug the mains power supply into.
  • Cooling Fans. Computers have one or more fans in them to keep the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and other components from overheating. Quite often the first signs of failure is an increase in the noise level coming from inside your computer.
  • Hard Drives. This is where data, programs and operating system are stored. Typically the metal disks inside are spinning at 7200 R.P.M. and after a while things start to wear out. If the computer starts becoming slow at opening files, has random crashes or will not start up, the hard drive could be starting to fail. The earlier you do something about it the more chances you will have of recovering all of your data.

All of the above can be replaced at little cost.

When we replace a hard drive we mirror the data, programs and operating system from the old drive on to the new one, wherever possible.

Computer Upgrades

Typical upgrades are hard drives and memory. Increasing the capacity of your hard drive will allow you to store more data (music, files, photos, etc.) on your computer. Increasing the amount of memory is an affordable way of vastly improving the speed / performance of your computer.

If you decide it is time for you to purchase a new PC then we can advise on the best system for you. When you have purchased your new computer then we can transfer your files, music, pictures, etc., from the old computer to the new one.


Never throw out an old computer before removing the hard drive, you may well have personal information stored on there. Even if you wipe the drive the information can still be retrieved.

  Computer repairs and Upgrades from SCP Computers - Poole - Dorset